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iMyMac - Cleaner for Mac

A Complete File Cleaning Solution for Your Mac

iMyMac is a powerful cleaning tool for Mac. The tool comprises multiple functionalities that help optimize your Apple computer by managing its cleanup and monitoring its status.

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  • A complete suite of features
  • Easy to use


  • Comes for a premium
  • First version – stability could be an issue

iMyMac is a powerful cleaning tool for Mac. The tool comprises multiple functionalities that help optimize your Apple computer by managing its cleanup and monitoring its status.

Holistic Cleanup and Management

As aforementioned, this software lets you clean your Mac documents and files. Moreover, it makes managing your Mac files a lot easy. Once you have installed this tool and put it through its paces, you shall see your computer perform like never before. You may use this tool to scan and clean junk files so that your Mac recovers its lost storage space. The tool also ensures web browsers do not infringe into your personal space. If you would like to locate a duplicate file or similar image on your computer, iMyMac lets you do that. And if your Mac seems to slow down ever again, put iMyMac into action and let the tool restore your computer’s original performance.

Robust Features

iMyMac is more a suite than an isolated tool. It comprises seven unique features: Mac cleaner, duplicate finder, file shredder, browser cleanup, similar image finder, Mac uninstaller, and extensions manager. The file shredder permanently tears out or removes folders and files from your computer to ensure your important data is always secure. The Mac uninstaller feature quickly locates software you would like to uninstall. It also uninstalls stubborn programs with ease, leaving behind zero trace of uninstalls. And, the extensions manager is the primary extension that helps manage Mac applications swiftly.

iMyMac - Cleaner is a software that can clean up Mac & Speed Up Mac in One Click

iMyMac - Cleaner is a powerful 7-in-1 Mac Software. Seven powerful Features of iMyMac: Mac Cleaner, Uninstaller, Duplicate Finder, Similar Finder, File Shredder, Browser Cleanup, Extension Manager. You can use it to Speed Up your Mac in One Click. Automatically scan Junk files and clean them up to save the precious disk storage on Mac. It can also protect your personal privacy from the browsers. Quickly find a similar image or duplicate files on your Mac is so easy by iMyMac. It will be very simple to manage Apps and extensions by the feature Mac Uninstaller and Extension Manager. And File Shredder can erase the files permanently and safely.

Having the Mac Cleaner software installed on your Mac computer will be very handy for you. Why? Because if ever your Mac computer gets slow again or if it needs to be clean, all you need to clean up MacBook storage is follow the easy steps and iMyMac will certainly do its job.

The iMyMac effectively clean your Mac with no charge. It can scan as quickly as possible and cleans up all your junk files easily.

This software also checks the primary status of your Mac which also includes the disk usage, CPU status, memory usage and more.

It can also detect same picture files as well as identical files. The iMyMac also filters scanned result by name and order as well as by size and time a lot more.

iMyMac is also guaranteed 100% safe to use because only you shall have the access to it and no data shall be lost during the cleaning process.

If you download iMyMac for the first time, we will give a 30-day trial absolutely free. Download iMyMac and we can assure you that your Mac computer will be running as it was like newly bought.

This software can boost the speed of your Mac computer because it will clean all your junk files and other data stored on your Mac that is not needed without affecting your important files.

Download iMyMac and you will be more than satisfied and happy with the result a 100% guaranteed.

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